Jeroen den Haan

Writer of poetry, prose and spoken and word artist on Instagram (@ihieronymus).

When a girl from my gym said I should post my filthy or sweet little rhymes on Instagram, I did. Within a year I wrote a lot. A whole lot. But, any medium has its pros and cons, and sticking to just one platform might not be such a good idea. So, I started publishing a book. Also because my wife really needs me to have a hobby. I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands, as a married man to Lidia. Somehow ('when a woman and a man really love each other...') I got made responsible for three kids and two cats (Solo and Chewie), even though I might not be the most responsible person you'll meet. Midlife crisis, mental health issues and a general sense of 'this was not the dimension I woke up to' make for some interesting reading, I hope.



Books by Jeroen Den Haan

Netherlands born Jeroen den Haan started writing poetry on Instagram, and wrote a lot. Like, really a lot. And, as you might expect from someone writing for likes and followers, his work is nonpretentious. It’s funny, sad, sappy, and sexy though. Different. Special (as a child would be called special by its parents). In Badcurious' 285+ pages he collects the best he could do. Which is sad. But, truth be told, some of the so-called poems in here are quite okay.

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Lazy Prey: 120 funny, touching and vulgar poems

Books by Jeroen Den Haan

Lazy Prey contains 120 poems that readers have categorized as funny, touching and vulgar. Rhyme and no rhyme, and mostly freeverse, the poems in Lazy Prey all come from the heart. Spewed out without a filter, nothing seems off limits. It is clear 'old man' Jeroen den Haan has nothing to lose, after his sanity gave out.

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