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Badcurious funny, sexy, sad, and sappy nonpretentious poetry

Author Name: Jeroen den Haan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details
Netherlands born Jeroen den Haan started writing poetry on Instagram, and wrote a lot. Like, really a lot. And, as you might expect from someone writing for likes and followers, his work is nonpretentious. It’s funny, sad, sappy, and sexy though. Different. Special (as a child would be called special by its parents). In Badcurious' 285+ pages he collects the best he could do. Which is sad. But, truth be told, some of the so-called poems in here are quite okay. Oh, and there are some shadorma and tanka poems too.
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Jeroen den Haan

When a girl from my gym said I should post my filthy or sweet little rhymes on Instagram, I did. Within a year I wrote a lot. A whole lot. But, any medium has its pros and cons, and sticking to just one platform might not be such a good idea. So, I started publishing books. Also because my wife really needs me to have a hobby. I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands, as a married man to Lidia. Somehow ('when a woman and a man really love each other...') I got made responsible for three kids and two cats (Solo and Chewie), even though I might not be the most responsible person you'll meet. Midlife crisis, mental health issues and a general sense of 'this was not the dimension I woke up to' make for some interesting reading, I hope.