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I Still Love You In the Era of Lust

Author Name: Parthivi Gautam | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

How pleasant it feels when somebody calls us their lifeline. This all seems very pleasing at one phase but as soon as the relationship grows, the naked reality of the dual nature of our loving partner gets disclosed. Sometimes it is easy to just forget whatever crap that took place in the past, but after getting so close to somebody that you know their aroma, it is quite difficult to erase their memories from the floor of heart. 

Breakups are not just the end of a relationship but it also shatters the soul, the feeling of getting betrayed and cheated also cannot force the past memories to make their way out from the heart. Instead of cigarettes and shots, sometimes poetry does its best in easing the guilt of broken relationship.

The rain shatters the rainbow sometimes, so do relationships—they fade in the colours of life but not memories.

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Parthivi Gautam

Parthivi Gautam is currently a student of class 11. She resides in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. Being a keen observer of books and poetry since childhood, she decided to write her own piece of emotions. She has very much been interested in writing stuff since her childhood. Her first poem was written at the age of nine. Her aim is to serve AIDS patients in the future. Highly influenced by author Ajay K Pandey, she decided to write something, which can give direction to her career. Her major interest is in reading books and biographies. Currently, she is preparing for NEET examination.

You can contact her on her Instagram account – @darling_pen



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