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Author Name: Sangita Rajbanshi Kundu | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

“CHIAROSCURO” meaning strong contrasts between light and darkness, is a collection of 21 poems that start with the sense of dark thoughts of being in a closed space feeling trapped and dizzy where toxic people with sweet facades force us to stand on the fork of the road (those that should not be chosen) only to confine ourselves and not seek help. Often, in the dark capsule, we forget that not only do we need to repair ourselves but also the guitar, to sing a song and whistle away our problems. But, if we muster the courage and escape to distance ourselves from the negativity, silently the darkness fades and we begin to love and trust ourselves to reach the light. This whole process shows that just before the dawn of light, the darkness is long and we need to fight. The illustrations against each poem engulf and draw the reader into its world of myriad feelings to leave the heart and mind encapsulated with positivity

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Sangita Rajbanshi Kundu

Sangita Rajbanshi Kundu, a distinguished educator and accomplished folk (Gond, Madhubani, Phad) artist, is an alumna with two master's degrees—one in English Literature and another in Education, along with a B.Ed.—brings a multifaceted perspective to her writing and art. She describes herself as a ‘kintsukuroi’ individual, implying that she finds beauty in the process of piecing together broken parts, much like her writing and as well as art, which often embodies themes of resilience and restoration.

Her literary prowess is evident through her publications, including her debut book 'Reading Mushin' in 2017 and her recent 'Colours of Life' in 2023, which features illustrations by Avidip Kundu. Additionally, her contributions as a co-author to notable anthologies such as ‘Souvenirs of Best Indian Poetry in English of 2021’, ‘Daughter: An Adorable Princess’, ‘In Search of Infinity’ and ‘I am on my way to you’ showcase her versatility and depth as a writer.

Sangita is also known by her pen-name, Neenja and she can be contacted through email: