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Lancy Chopra is a poet, writer and the author of the novel Endurance: the survival. She is a certified author in remarkable anthologies;  "La Reine", "Democracy In India", "The Fake society", "Colossal Thoughts", "Dairy- 2021". You can also find her on her youtube channel, "thehomelycurls".       Lancy has spent the last decade reading and writing fiction novels giving her characters palpable spark, morals and strength-of mind games. Read More...


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Books by Lancy Chopra

Often in life, we get entangled in the obsession of some such time when we feel low in morale and by choosing the social thoughts flowing inside us helps us to feel positive and illuminated.
Vagabond or loitering; after all, how the vibes emanating from these words can shake our energy, or being involved in them, is responsible for changing our lifestyle.

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Books by Lancy Chopra

Ever remember the past while sitting in the examination hall? Have you ever noticed that new ideas are either manifest in the bathroom or during exam time? Well! While sitting in the examination hall, I have sketched my plans countless times. Yet, those plans got changed several eras of it before exiting the examination hall.

The endurance word is self-vestige, the power of patience. This piece of fiction is not claiming any religion, gender and auth

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Books by Lancy Chopra

It is a fictional work full of emotions, including Love, Hate, passion for work, the thrust of treasure, murders and illegal actions.  

In this writing, the author wants to tell how behind the property, one's family members become enemies of life. How does the wealth make one fall in the eyes of others for that they wanted not only to spoil but also to kill you?
But this story is not only about hatred. There is an element which i

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​ SOW THE SEEDSYOU WANT TO BE It is believed that often in a quick journey, some colossal stories or a page of education comes out after being refined.One day, imbibing time out of his stressful life, a father plans to go shopping with his five-year-old son. After getting the pleasant weather, an  Read More...

Published on Oct 11,2022 09:42 AM


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TRUST IN YOUR FAITHIS YOUR MAGIC WAND“Life is precious,and to conduct it alive substantially is even more mysterious.”With-on the fatigue of the day in the fading evening, I also have weary desires. The cycle of expectations often follows with the tiredness of the body. When we are infla  Read More...

Published on Oct 6,2022 11:04 AM

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