An author, civil engineer and a Taekwondo player
An author, civil engineer and a Taekwondo player

Narasimha vavilala, an author from Warangal, Telangana, India.


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Books by Narasimha Vavilala

Sarvesh, an engineering graduate, fails to get any job he applies for. He leaves his house after a serious argument with his father. His girlfriend leaves him when he works as a delivery boy. Within a month, he gets fired by the company. He mostly faces rejections, terminations, and failures in all his attempts to get a job.  One night he has a dream that takes him to a river where he discovers the ancient palm-leaf manuscripts. Upon going through a serie

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Basic knowledge in civil engineering part 2

Books by Narasimha Vavilala

The specialty of this book is examples, pictures and diagrams to concern topic is given.

In this part -2 book some other information such as water treatment process, sewers, hydration of cement, surveying, sanitary items, calculating amount of rainfall, traps, fluid properties, concept of raft footing, terms used in sanitary, brief information on rocks, estimation of quantity and cost of materials required for beam, Floo

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Books by Sankeerthana Vavilala

The aim of this book is to make the kids learning new things such as Good habits like hand washing, cleaning, going to school, exercising, reading books etc., And some things like wild animals, pet animals, cartoon images, non-living things etc.

This book is a complete drawing book of colouring the pictures.

This book is useful for primary school students and little kids who are in learning stage.

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Books by Narasimha Vavilala

A comprehensive book; includes Action, Tragedy, horror, adventure, thrilling mystery, crime, suspense and college life. How young generation struggling to cope with difficulties in accomplishing their goals. I'm Narasimha vavilala, This is a 'Non-fictitious fiction book' Half the story was literally happened in my life.  

George Stephenson, a little curious man, wants to become a famous Rock star. He noticed three texted papers while he was

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Basic knowledge in civil engineering


The main aim of writing this book is to provide basic knowledge in civil engineering for the students by analyzing pictures and diagrams to get practical knowledge. To avoid imagination problems, In this book the pictures regarding concern topic is given for easy understanding. Book consists of unit conversions, history of civil engineering, building bye-laws, vaastu, tools used in construction, bricks estimation for a wall, quantity of concrete materials for

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By Narasimha in Poetry | Reads: 111 | Likes: 1

It's a magical bond between people. Love chart Relationship Percentage With strangers 0% With neighbors & known people 25% With teachers 50% With relatives 65% With friends 75% With brothers and sisters 85% With parents 90% “With special girl” 100% expressing different emotions in life with sp  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 07:25 PM

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