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Basic knowledge in civil engineering part 2 Book of 49 topics which is perspicuous one

Author Name: Narasimha Vavilala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The specialty of this book is examples, pictures and diagrams to concern topic is given.

In this part -2 book some other information such as water treatment process, sewers, hydration of cement, surveying, sanitary items, calculating amount of rainfall, traps, fluid properties, concept of raft footing, terms used in sanitary, brief information on rocks, estimation of quantity and cost of materials required for beam, Floor area ratio (F.A.R), latches, orifice and mouthpiece, staircase and types, irrigation and types etc. have given. Practical easy experiments are conducted by me and you can also conduct to understand correctly and easily for getting more practical knowledge.

Examples makes to gain practical experience with particular topic, pictures make to understand clearly, and uses of particular one; which makes to learn its applications.
Lengthy words with a greater number of pages about certain topics, sometimes leads to uncomprehending. But examples, pictures and diagrams clearly relevant to the topics even with small words, in the sense not lengthy, makes you clearly understandable. This book is distinct one when compare with course content books.

This book main intention is to make every civil engineer fill their mind with basics and lock them inside your mind.

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Narasimha Vavilala

Narasimha vavilala; a civil engineer, an author of education reference distinct civil engineering books, Non fictitious - fiction book writer and a Taekwondo player from Warangal, India.



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