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A strongly bonded college group of seven friends, known as “RAINBOW”, comprising five boys and two girls, with enlightened school of thoughts, applying which they work smartly, achieve global milestones, travel beautiful places and enjoy the journey of their lives. Their story explores the relevance of institutions like marriage in a globalised world. It caters various shades of relationships. And talks about the ultimate goals in one’s single life. It also reveals interesting insights into the corporate world, including association meetings, board meetings, global business conferences, challenges of sustainable growth in industry. Rainbow’s indulgences in Kashmir and Singapore are experiences which you will love to indulge into. PROLOGUE: Vinita wondered “Guys it is the same country, which merely by changing its approaches to its issues, including opening up its economy, timely decisions, transformed its global image from, a not so investment friendly India, to a preferred business destination.” “Now after one is settled, he or she can take life as a business of joy and try to maximise the profits, i.e. maximum joy in the single life, by making right choice at the right time. At the same time by nature, people also want varieties of joys, pleasures and not only one type of monotonous pleasure. Hence one should also know which type of varieties of joys, pleasures are available” “Lakshya this is a dream journey for all of us and must thank Yasif for same. In fact this is a season time for his family business. Shruti told me once that with mom, dad you had been once to Srinagar and I am excited to know what romance and natural beauty we are going to indulge into.” “In Srinagar scenic landscapes, snow clad mountain valleys, blossoming gardens, splendid lakes are long awaiting us. Our hotel itself is at the bank of famous Dal Lake. In fact Guru was insisting...

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