Rochish Raja Enugaala

I am neither a sheep nor a donkey !
I am neither a sheep nor a donkey !


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Flames of Dreams

Books by Rochish

What if your dreams are not as lovely as you thought they would be? What if the places you've always wanted to be have a dark side which you never knew about? Dreams would not let you sleep when you're trying to, and when you're completely awake they start to hurt you. But that hurt and pain is what we derive pleasure from if we are willing to take a leap of faith into our dreams. Heartbreaks, tears, loneliness and misery are regular companions of our passions

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Losing to My Dream

Books by Rochish

Losing to My Dream is collection of poetry that I jotted down through traumatic turmoil and almost non-existent tranquil days of my life. They talk about various aspects of our daily life from corrupted politics to feeling lost in chaos. It also contains lyrics of few songs that I wrote for my band Windward Anti Politics which never made it big. I hope you will find yourself somewhere between these poems and follow me till the end.

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Walking Away

By Rochish Raja Enugaala in Romance | Reads: 3,244 | Likes: 10

When I look back in time, I feel everything was fine. Walking down the line, I see love restrained. The last day in rain, I heard your ear rings chime, In the blurred eyes of mine I saw tear on your cheek shine I saw my love, Walking away!                 &nb  Read More...

Published on Jun 26,2022 09:30 PM

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