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The Day is yet to Dawn

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Shruti and Aditya, two names that were stuck on the nameplate outside that one BHK flat. Now that they were about to part ways, would they also break the nameplate into halves?

A story of two people entangled in urban life, whose relationship's evening was setting, but still, hope remained because the day was yet to dawn.

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Books by पराक्रम सिंह

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श्रुति और अदित्या, दो नाम जो उस एक वन बीएचके फ्लैट के बाहर लगी नेम-प्लेट पर जचे रहते थे... अब जो यह दोनों अलग होने वाले थे तो क्या उस नेम प्लेट के भी आधे टुकड़े करे

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A Date On Wheels

By Parakram Singh in Stories | Reads: 452 | Likes: 1

‘23 Side Lower’ he reconfirmed his seat on the reservation chart pasted outside the train compartment. He boarded the coach and entered the third AC compartment for his 8-hour long journey, although he knew the journey can be of more duration but never less as nobody could guess what the Indian   Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 09:24 PM

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