Ashish lumar

Gonda UP

Ashish kumar is a writer of two famous books 'Ganga and Dev' and 'Gunahoon ka Devta' Currently he works as a teacher and writes book.


....on that time Dev was an eight year old poor innocent boy. Yes i could recall without a mistake when in the neighbour any baraat arrived with lot of musical instruments creating a hallaballoo, lot of sound in the surroundings Dev asked me a very simple question... ‘how a boy decides to marry a girl? how he selects a girl to marry? he doesn’t get bored to see her all life....same person....same face.....same habits....same cooking style all life??’ (because in India marriages meant for lifetime) ‘Devvv!.... after marrying a girl a boy does not get bored of her.....her same face and same habits because he falls in love with her...’ eventuall...

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