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Ganga and Dev A Love Story

Author Name: Ashish Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

....on that time Dev was an eight year old poor innocent boy. Yes i could recall without a mistake when in the neighbour any baraat arrived with lot of musical instruments creating a hallaballoo, lot of sound in the surroundings Dev asked me a very simple question...

‘how a boy decides to marry a girl? how he selects a girl to marry?....is he doesn’t get bored to see her all life....same person....same face.....same habits....same cooking style all life??’ (because in India marriages meant for lifetime)

‘Devvv!.... after marrying a girl a boy does not get bored of her.....her same face and same habits because he falls in love with her...’ eventually i told her.

....love?.... what is this thing called love??....how it happens??...what is the color of love?....how thick it is??’ he asked me with same innocence. His eyes wide opened with astonishment.

i wanted to avoid this question but one day Dev must develop to a grown up man and would knew this word. so i told him eventually...

‘.....the day you will fall in love...you will understand the meaning of this word’

‘You will know the shape and color of love .....you will also know how it happens and what happens to someone when he fell in love’ i told him

‘..will sometime i will too fall for someone?? then he asked again with same purity in mind.

I contemplated for few seconds.

‘.....there must be a girl you will like to talk her. You will like to laugh with her. On her single move you will dance like a snake dances on the momement of fluet.

......but Dev’ my voice weaker now

‘..when she will laugh.... you will laugh’

‘.....when she will be happy you will be happy.....but sometime if it happened that she is in pain...you will also feel pain Dev’ i told him

‘....When she will cry....you will also cry...and if someday she is not anymore in this world your existence will also be lost forever Devvv.....!’ finally i said in the more fragile voice.

i had the dejavu of this.......


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Sorry we are currently not available in your region.

Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar is a MBA from Delhi. He worked many years in private sectors. After that he returned to his home town Gonda(UP) and met his wife in his study class and fell in love for her. Now he teaches in Degree college as well as has joined the sweetmaking shop of his father-in-law. He handles both works simultaneously.

Ashish second book will appear soon.


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