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Tyra Colaso

Content Writer, Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer
Content Writer, Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer


By Tyra Colaso in Poetry | Reads: 123 | Likes: 0

Yes! I'm am guilty,  Yes! I did all that they wanted,  Yes! I know it wasn't right,  But well, who cares if my moral stands were diminished.  Yes! I am chubby,  Yes! I am a hair girl,  Yes! I don't have the perfect hair,  But well, we all gotta do what the society  Read More...

Published on May 11,2020 12:25 AM

Historic Event!

By Tyra Colaso in True Story | Reads: 158 | Likes: 0

In times of such despair, chaos and havoc all around us; we can see how not just the governments but the world around us has come to a stand still. As the news claims it all began in Wuhan, China; there's still a lot of gaps to be filled and rumors to be shushed away. What was said to have started w  Read More...

Published on May 11,2020 12:21 AM


By Tyra Colaso in Mystery | Reads: 144 | Likes: 0

Sitting by the sea, as the wind blew into her hair, she walked up to the shore. Every step caressing the sand that she set foot on. It was all over her feet like a layer of some sort of foot mask. Her tiny and gentle little feet walk forward into the sea and the waves come gushing right into her. Wh  Read More...

Published on May 11,2020 12:18 AM


By Tyra Colaso in True Story | Reads: 197 | Likes: 0

 Lyaan was the youngest but so was Ken and so both enjoyed the privileges of being pampered. Even though they had such commonalities, they were generations apart which sure meant that the mindset would be different. While Ken enjoyed his teenage years of life, marking way for his career to come  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 04:50 PM

Her Marriage!

By Tyra Colaso in True Story | Reads: 244 | Likes: 0

I heard a story of a woman, who's love life was a tragedy. The love of her life that she had dreamed of didn't seem to be any closer to what we could say back in the day 'Prince Charming' or in today's world 'the Ross to his Rachel'. Her dreams ended the day the man took up to the gruesome act of cr  Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 09:47 PM

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