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Writer and Poet in the making
Writer and Poet in the making



By Aryan Shah in Poetry | Reads: 103 | Likes: 1

To describe u, a challenge diffcult to accept. Just a try, to confess ... Hairs-a black silk that sings, with touch of copper in it. Eyes like almonds, with diamonds peeping. Face like the blue moon, which beauty admires. Hands like the wings, unleashing freshness everytime. Helpful like the nun, an  Read More...

Published on Feb 28,2021 04:54 PM

When I ! (An Incomplete lovestory)

By Aryan Shah in Poetry | Reads: 102 | Likes: 1

When I saw u , I was mesmerised. When I see you, I had a crush on you. When you try to hate me, I have reasons to laugh on me. When you smile, I have croquembouche of happiness. When your vibes rattles me, I feel heaven surrounding me. When you simplify yourself, I have to justification to kill myse  Read More...

Published on Feb 28,2021 07:00 PM


By Aryan Shah in Poetry | Reads: 218 | Likes: 1

Admist the cacophony , We miss : Some sounds of the nature . Some sweet while.... some deranging BUT ... every sound beutifully crafted . It's not a qurantine for us !!!! It's ;  Time for nature to leisure .   Read More...

Published on May 28,2020 07:33 PM


By Aryan Shah in Poetry | Reads: 185 | Likes: 2

Just... Try to fall , Before you walk . Try to stammer , Before you speak . Try to think , Before you write . Try to love ,  Before you hate . Try the truth , Before the untruth . Try to talk , Before you tumult . Try the fiasco , Before the success . Try to earn , Before you spend . Try the ap  Read More...

Published on May 26,2020 10:26 AM


By Aryan Shah in General Literary | Reads: 266 | Likes: 1

Defining something is never an easy task and if it's related to defining something related to someone's feelings or human emotions than it becomes a very tough task . How would you define love ? How would you see the bond between the two indivudials ? Is it easy to see the parental bond with the spe  Read More...

Published on May 14,2020 11:12 AM


By Aryan Shah in Travel | Reads: 375 | Likes: 1

'Beauty bows where the nature smiles' is the notion carried by a many travellers round the globe. Some people travel just to enjoy, while for some other it's a leisure time and a time to refresh their mind. Likewise , I travelled through the streets of the north India in order to reach, a holographi  Read More...

Published on May 6,2020 10:57 AM


By Aryan Shah in Romance | Reads: 217 | Likes: 1

This is a love story Between , The rain and the humans. A summer of drought Then , A monsoon of happiness. A new hope of growing crops After , A long hopeless summer. RAIN Brings a happy night for farmers But , A dissapointed morning for workers. Sound of water on parched earth But , Mounds of w  Read More...

Published on May 3,2020 12:31 PM


By Aryan Shah in Poetry | Reads: 397 | Likes: 1

It's upon me , Whom to choose a friend ; or a foe. No matter , it's a girl or a guy. It's a bond , I want to share. So , on my behalf no one can decide. It's not caste dependent  because , they are the cast of my life. It's not defined by the length-of the belt , But , surely by the distance be  Read More...

Published on May 2,2020 05:09 PM


By Aryan Shah in Poetry | Reads: 255 | Likes: 1

O ! Don't turn on the light now , still , it's feebly bright outside Please ! Forget remembering the one  Not worthy of any value. Money , Job , Wealth and Success, is what you have ?? Yet ! you  are poor guy , even more than me dear rich brother. No money , pleasure and good food I have  Read More...

Published on May 2,2020 04:48 PM


By Aryan Shah in Fantasy | Reads: 224 | Likes: 1

On 10th August it was a bright sunny day and on the streets of Mumbai the cars were rolling in hurry. Kashish and Kalp were expecting a baby within a day. They, were not from a rich family but from a well to do family. Kalp was having a good  job in a very reputed company and his life was going  Read More...

Published on Apr 28,2020 06:49 PM

Call from the womb

By Aryan Shah in Fantasy | Reads: 329 | Likes: 1

Once, a child called the God, To ask , to know and to debate. Recieveing the call- God asked  "Why are you calling me ?" God was totally baffled  As, the child was still in the womb. With a huge commotion in mind, he asked,"Ya, dear boy what's your question." The spontenous reply came, "I  Read More...

Published on May 1,2020 09:58 AM


By Aryan Shah in True Story | Reads: 370 | Likes: 1

On 1st floor Rohit was sitting in his bedroom with all the curtains shut and all the lights off. His father came to see whether he was sleeping or doing his work. On reaching there, he saw something unexpected. He saw that Rohit was sitting on the bed, thinking of something and more surprising was t  Read More...

Published on Apr 26,2020 07:52 PM


By Aryan Shah in Poetry | Reads: 363 | Likes: 1

I don't know, where to go and what to do? Drowning in one , I realize the shallowness of the other. Learning the new, and forgetting the old ,should be a trend ? What ?  should be followed To get external ecstasy and the bliss. With the forwarding life, I am knowing both world's together. So,   Read More...

Published on Apr 26,2020 02:37 PM


By Aryan Shah in Poetry | Reads: 188 | Likes: 1

The one I love            Is my bestiee, A true pal of me and my life            Is just a nonsense foe with no grudge for me in the heart. One who cares for me            In Day and the Dark, A strong   Read More...

Published on Apr 26,2020 02:10 PM

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