Surya Nair

The Endless Pursuit

By Surya Nair in Travel | Reads: 354 | Likes: 2

Jaison sat in his one-bedroom apartment overlooking the gulmohur tree outside his balcony. It was his favourite spot in his solitary abode. For the past three years, his articleship had forced him to leave his native place and rent an apartment in the city where he could practise under the wings of   Read More...

Published on Jun 20,2020 01:38 PM


By Surya Nair in Mystery | Reads: 551 | Likes: 16

Shruti had been newly married into Subodh's family. Having spent the majority of her formative years in a metropolitan city, the quaint surroundings and the obscurity was getting to her. The chirping of crickets in the evening, creepy-crawlies all around the household, unexpected showers followed by  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2020 11:56 PM


By Surya Nair in True Story | Reads: 226 | Likes: 0

LEND A HAND I've been an introvert all my life.  I teach children for a living.  As far as I can walk down the memory lane, I can remember being reclusive. I like observing details, the way people behave, what motivates them and their general disposition. However, it ha  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2020 09:22 PM

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