Suvro Chatterjee

Suvro Chatterjee, 50, lives in Durgapur and Kolkata, West Bengal. Always an avid student, he has changed several avatars, qualifying for both engineering and medical college, winning a university gold medal in Economics, teaching all sorts of things including English as well as counselling young people in their teens and twenties for the last 30-odd years, being a librarian, a quizmaster, a sometime-journalist, an organizer of educational tours for students, a translator of Tagore for OUP, a ‘cultural ambassador’ for India to the USA on behalf of Rotary International, a regular blogger for almost eight years now (see suvrobemused.blogspot.in and suvrooncemore.blogspot.in), a writer of short stories and essays in English and Bangla, and even poetry in French once upon a time, and a close collaborator with several people’s doctoral work. He has even had a PhD done on him. He likes to say his ultimate aim is to find out how to live the good life in the time-tested sense. In this book, he has sought to share whatever he has learnt with his own daughter and perchance a few others like her… Read More...

To My Daughter

Books by Suvro Chatterjee

Remember the long debates about what matters in life? Wish you could find a book which offers practical tips for living well? You are holding that book now – so, come aboard.

From learning about your personality to making wise career choices and changes, from nurturing a healthy body and mind to understanding the place of money, politics, poetry, science, art, books, friendship, time, dreams, beauty, Karma, laughter and God in your life – this book c

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