Suvro Chatterjee

Suvro Chatterjee, 50, lives in Durgapur and Kolkata, West Bengal. Always an avid student, he has changed several avatars, qualifying for both engineering and medical college, winning a university gold medal in Economics, teaching all sorts of things including English as well as counselling young people in their teens and twenties for the last 30-odd years, being a librarian, a quizmaster, a sometime-journalist, an organizer of educational tours for students, a translator of Tagore for OUP, a ‘cultural ambassador’ for India to the USA on behalf of Rotary International, a regular blogger for almost eight years now (see and, a writer of short stories and essays in English and Bangla, and even poetry in French once upon a time, and a close collaborator with several people’s doctoral work. He has even had a PhD done on him. He likes to say his ultimate aim is to find out how to live the good life in the time-tested sense. In this book, he has sought to share whatever he has learnt with his own daughter and perchance a few others like her…

To My Daughter

Books by Suvro Chatterjee

Remember the long debates about what matters in life? Wish you could find a book which offers practical tips for living well? You are holding that book now – so, come aboard.

From learning about your personality to making wise career choices and changes, from nurturing a healthy body and mind to understanding the place of money, politics, poetry, science, art, books, friendship, time, dreams, beauty, Karma, laughter and God in your life – this book covers all that and more.

To My Daughter is for all ambitious and inquisitive young people, as well as parents, teachers and thinking citizens who are facing the challenges of living life in today’s world. Unlike most contemporary self-help books, this one does not make life sound all easy and exciting, but says it like it is: a great struggle, but also a great adventure.

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