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What were we? What are we?’ This is a recapitulation of the story of India from 1956 until 2014. It chronicles one of the most wonderful systems that have ever been developed on earth by an ancient and cultured social group that had been a pioneer in the establishment of welfare measures for both the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. The system referred to here is The Indian Banking System which, by its magical philosophy of “Save and Prosper”, has been the instrument of change. A large group of people have benefitted in one way or the other by this enchanting industry and all that it has had to offer. They chose to pay tributes out of respect for the system – and hence, this book.

— Bang...oh...Bank...! But money was not everything. I realized that working in the bank brought with it a certain kind of dignity and social standing – which was quite a big deal in those days. Family, future, security, status etc. Yes, those days a bank employee was regarded highly by society. He was a sought-after groom in the marriage market. The liberalization era brought about important changes in the functioning of banks. The industry was the nerve-centre for all financial operations in the country. In order to meet the emerging need to match International Standards, automation and computerization of all core banking operations became the norm

— A Banker’s Diary. When the computerisation wave swept the nation’s banks, lakhs and lakhs of precious public money was spent. The importance of Exceptional Reports was understood, and these exceptional reports were implemented by all the banks in all earnestness. But, the follow-up of the reports generated by the system and their consequences was not really done with the same amount of earnestness with which the scheme was implemented

— Password Compromise. Human Resources or HR is perhaps the most valuable...

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