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Debo Leer

An emerging publishing house which gives an opportunity to budding writers.
An emerging publishing house which gives an opportunity to budding writers.

Blessed Bliss

Books by Somashri Ghosh

It is quite a common happening in all our lives, that time and again we are taken back to that very moment when we were at a state of absolute joy (Bliss). Time when we felt blessed suddenly and all the sadness that was there a second before, seemed to just disappear in that moment of ecstatic happening of events. Be it the first date with our crush, when we held our pet for the first time, remembering how we met our best friend, an award we won or simply thin

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The Memory Lane

Books by Ali Zoya Syed

Can books be our best friends sharing love, motivating us or guiding us in our lows? 
Deboleer presents "THE MEMORY LANE", an anthology that contains write-ups from various youngsters who take up various topics and share their views and experiences. The book also contains quotes shared for the reader to feel motivated and loved at all walks of life. From heart aches to modern political views, it gives you everything you need in order to view the world

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Letters Blue & Pink

Books by Debasrita Das

"Letters Blue And Pink" presented by "Debo Leer" is instrumental in cushioning the dreams of aspiring writers. It's a collection of letters, a knot of 20 diverse voices.
Have you ever written a letter spilling your experiences, emotions, feelings illustrating your fantasy, realism or about the world you dream? The book "Letters Blue And Pink" contains different letters from budding writers to showcase new and emerging trends in the field of Literature whic

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Scholar's Ink Pot

Books by Satavisha Mishra

We all are gifted with the skill of making a good rhyming. Debo Leer presents you "Scholar's Ink Pot." An anthology specially dedicated to poetry.The new age youngsters are full of enthusiasm. They carry a conventional approach towards writing hence Scholar's Ink Pot is a platform which provides space to each writer to express their poetic thoughts.

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The Novice Narratives

Books by Nayani Shukla

The NOVICE NARRATIVES " presented by Debo Leer is a knot of 53 dynamic and versatile brains. It is a collection of bilingual write ups arrayed in a way to highlight the potential of individuals in form of expressive creative writing  and emerging new trends in the field of  literature. This book offers a spectrum of vivid colours to the reader in a cavernous approach. 

The novice narratives is compiled by NAYANI SHUKLA a young techn

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