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Blessed Bliss

Author Name: Somashri Ghosh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Letters & Essays | Other Details

It is quite a common happening in all our lives, that time and again we are taken back to that very moment when we were at a state of absolute joy (Bliss). Time when we felt blessed suddenly and all the sadness that was there a second before, seemed to just disappear in that moment of ecstatic happening of events. Be it the first date with our crush, when we held our pet for the first time, remembering how we met our best friend, an award we won or simply things of daily life, like tasting the best version of our favorite food.

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Somashri Ghosh

Somashri Ghosh is the daughter of Munmun Ghosh and Sourendra Nath Ghosh, and grand-daughter of Late Gour Mohan Ghosh, Late Krishna Ghosh (paternal) / Madhushudhan Ghosh, Pardabati Ghosh (maternal). Originally from Kolkata but having spent a major part of her life in the heart of the country, she prefers to call herself a Delhite. She currently lives with her parents, a funny little sister (who even though is no littler, does not like when it is not mentioned) and two love birds named Chichi and Piku. She has completed her schooling from ST. Georges School, and Alaknanda and then pursued B.Sc. Nursing from Sharda University, Greater Noida. Professionally she is a confused soul, having worked as a nursing tutor first, then a process executive. Currently, she is helping mothers to bring their most precious gifts (babies) to this world by working as a labour room nurse. Eating and daydreaming takes up most of her time apart from her work. Memories hold a significant place in her life, and so she likes to preserve her precious moments by journaling it. She feels that everyone's life is a unique story and one of her biggest dreams is to tell the story of her life, to people of this world, through her novel someday. This is her first compilation and also a start to a whole new journey of her life.