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Darshika Morey



Books by Saptamita Dutta, Nikhil Jain & Chandni Jha

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Flying Colours

Books by Sai Sravanthi & Darshika Morey

Flying Colours Anthology is a collection of colourful thoughts, feelings, struggles & experiences of our amazing writers which they have expressed through their beautifully articulated words in the form of quotes & few poems.This is not only an anthology; it is a collection of colourful words, some will inspire you, some will let you think more deep & give you a glimpse of colours of life flying in the air.

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स्वीट & सॉल्टी

Books by आयुषी गुप्ता & दर्शिका मोरे

“स्वीट & सॉल्टी” एन्थोलॉजी जीवन की यादों के बारे में है। हमारे अद्भुत लेखकों ने अपने लेखन में जीवन के मधुर और नमकीन क्षणों और अनुभवों को जोड़ा है। जब आप भी यहाँ सभी सुंदर कवि

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Sweet & Salty

Books by Ayushi Gupta & Darshika Morey

“Sweet and Salty” Anthology is about memories of life. Our amazing writers have added an essence of sweet and salty moments of life in their writings. When you will too read all beautiful poems here, you will remember many of your memories of life, which will recall a sweet and salty experience.

This is not only an Anthology, it's a journey to life's Sweet & Salty Memories of Life.

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Books by निखिल जैन & पूजा गौतम

“माँ” एक ऐसा शब्द है जो हमारे हृदयतल से जुड़ा हुआ है, हमारे जीवन का आधार है और जिसे परिवार का स्तंभ माना गया है। इनके वात्सल्य से कोई भी अछूता नहीं। कहते है शिशु की पहली शिक्षक म

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रूहानी बातें

Books by चांदनी झा & निखिल जैन

खुद को व्यक्त करना एक कला है, पर क्या हर कोई एक कलाकार है? जब हम अपने भावनाओं को व्यक्त करने की कोशिश करते हैं तब रूहानी बातों का सृजन होता है। जो बाते वक्ता हृदय से निकलती हैं वहीं

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Poetic Bliss

Books by Kashish Soni

When words dance on the rhythm of rhymes, it becomes a poem. Poems are the means of one's happiness, it even works as a mood changer. Every poet tries to spread positivity and smile through poems and so does this anthology.

This anthology contains 75 poems written by 75 amazing writers. All the poems of this anthology will surely add bliss to your feelings.

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Books by Nikhil Jain & Arshia Biswal

We all lived moments, moments that are beautiful, amazing, unforgettable, sweet, bad, special, heart breaking and many more. But there is that one special moment we loved or hated the most, or that is close to our heart or that changed our life or us completely.

In this Anthology, our writers have shared their unforgettable moments that they lived and by reading this book, you will surely relive one of your own.

This is not only an Anthology, i

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Rainbow Bubbles

Books by Darshika Morey

Happiness is not in anyone or anything, it’s a state of mind. It’s in the beautiful moments we spend with our loved ones- our family, friends, with our self, with the special ones. 

Rainbow Bubbles is one such Anthology filled with write-ups from 51 writers who shared their colourful moments in the form of amazing poems. Whatever your state of mind was before doesn’t matter, after reading this Anthology, it will shift to a happy

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Books by Anshika

Inaayat is not only an anthology, it is collection of beautiful thoughts by different writers on different themes...... Each Poem in this book expresses a different message, tells a different story, or just proves one point- How Blessed We Are. This book contains writings of different sizes and of different genres like Empowerment, Romance, Fantasy, etc. Each and every poem in this book is unique in itself.

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Books by अंशिका

इनायत  केवल एक पुस्तक नहीं है, यह अलग-अलग विषयों पर अलग-अलग लेखकों द्वारा सुंदर विचारों का संग्रह है... इस पुस्तक में प्रत्येक कविता एक अलग संदेश व्यक्त करती है, एक अलग कहानी बतात

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Counting Stars

Books by Kamu Pillai & Darshika Morey

Counting stars means that Money can't buy happiness, if everybody else talks about love, lust, and money, then somebody's going to be talking about life, faith, hope, and things of that nature.

Remember, "Next time when you count the things you love don't forget that you are one of them."

This Anthology portrays all the above written things & precious star like poems, short stories by writers & compilers which will tell the real meaning of Coun

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Books by निखिल जैन & सुमन कुमार

कोरोना काल के बाद जीवन में काफी परिवर्तन आये परन्तु एकमात्र प्रकृति ने बदलाव की चरम सीमाओं को महसूस किया, प्रकृति ने स्वयं को सहेजा, संवारा और निखारा। ये सब देख हमारे मन में विचा

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Mirage 'n Oasis

Books by Rohan Nath & Nidhi Shukla

Our life is like a desert, where in we are lost between different materialistic desires... And we don't know how to quench our thirst for happiness - peace... In this search we are often allured by many sense objects which like a mirage, promise us peace and happiness but deliver nothing...  And divert us from the path of oasis (ultimate destination)...

This anthology is collection of such poems as well as quotes which shows coauthor’s quest

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मिराज एन ऒएसिस

Books by रोहन नाथ & निधि शुक्ला

हमारा जीवन एक रेगिस्तान की तरह है, जहां हम विभिन्न भौतिकवादी इच्छाओं के बीच खो जाते हैं... और हम नहीं जानते कि कैसे सुख - शांति की हमारी प्यास बुझाई जाए...इस खोज में हम अक्सर कई समझदार

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Magic Hourglass

Books by Darshika Morey

Magic Hourglass is a book like an hourglass full of magical poems & tales by our 21 amazing writers. 

Magic exists everywhere whether we believe or not, there is magic which governs the whole universe. Magic may or may not be something supernatural, it is there simply in growing of a living being or a relation which grows and transforms, it exists in faith, hope, compassion and love which beautifies the existence of life.

The tales and poe

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Spring Time

Books by Shikha Mahato & Darshika Morey

Spring Time is a pocket full of 30 poems by amazing writers including the compilers. The poems here are based on the beautiful creations of nature like Rainbow, Sunshine, Dewdrops, Seasons and many more which are inspiring, alluring and fresh like Spring Time and will bring a new blossom to your way of perceiving life, thinking and will leave you enthralling the beauty of Nature and it's teachings. This is not merely an Anthology it's a collaborations of poems

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A Love's Souvenir

By Darshika Morey in Poetry | Reads: 257 | Likes: 5

I painted you with that gesture today,  I think you remember the day when you pulled me closer, the day when we were in the classroom behind the door, we were all alone in the room on the third floor. You were excited yet scared, your raising heartbeats witnessed it, as you were adorning my hesitat  Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 04:49 PM

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