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Bhawna Puglia

Perfection is just an illusion

Books by Kaushiki Sarkar

The idea of something or someone being perfect is an illusion. Perfection Is Just An Illusion is compiled by Kaushiki Sarkar.In this book she included 20 more writers. All the writers expressed and breath out their thoughts how imperfection is beautiful.The compiler chose this title because she believes the idea of perfection can really hold a person back from achievements. We should accept the truth because no one is perfect nor life. Try to be better and be

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Ankahe Jazbaat Dil Ke

Books by Nandini Roy

"Ankahe Jazbaat Dil Ke" this book is compiled by Nandini Roy. She has included 51 other writers with her in this book. Felling is something which everyone has in their inner self about love , hate , special ones or anything in their lives. Some people express their felling very easily but some could not express their feelings, they keep it within themselves and that's what Ankahe Jazbaat Dil Ke. In this book writers have expressed their inner feelings in a poe

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Books by Muskan Srivastava & Swati Pathak

"Ehsaas" this book is compiled by Muskan Srivastava and Swati Pathak. In this book, they wrote about their experiences of the life & there feelings about life's different stages in a poetic way. They included 18 other writers with them in this book. Some of these writers have a long writing experience & some are published for the very first time. They just gave them a chance to show their talent & express their thoughts & feelings. This name of the book is tak

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Dil Ke Alfaaz

Books by Dhruv Jain

"Everything has been figured out except how to live"
And words that speak of hearts and souls together, can be the only way to vent out emotions and fathom heads in the world.
Dil ke alfaz, an anthology that brings together minds spread throughout the country to ink their thoughts; not just engages the reader, but also helps potray society and life from perspectives of unsung writers.
We aim at bringing up voices unheard and emotions unfettered. No

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Band Jubaan Khuli Kalam

Books by Neha Yadav

' Band Jubaan Khuli Kalam' this book is compiled by Neha Yadav. She included 72 other writers with her in this book. The name band jubaan khuli kalam reflects that the things which are hard to say for many people especially introverts can be easily said by their pens. She believes that the writers have the most strongest weapon to convey messages to the world. The theme of this book is open. As she believes that writing shouldn't be bounded with any boundary o

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Wanna Be Happy?

Books by Bhawna Puglia

'Wanna Be Happy?' is the book which is compiled by Bhawna Puglia. She included more than 90 co authors who expressed their feelings, their happiness. This book is based on happiness.Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can not help but smile. Happiness is the 'secret source' that can help us be and do our best. No medicine cures what happiness cannot. It is not how much we have ,but how much we enjoy that makes happi

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