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The Portrait -1986

Books by Hemasri

There is a saying, "Villian's for the previous generation love story were parents and society. Also, villains for the current generation love stories are neither parents, nor the society, but the complicated mindset of the couple themselves." 
 As kids, we watched love stories where couples faced a lot of problems from society and parents.
 Let's just take a break from that tradition! Let's get back to 1980, and witness one happy and hap

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Arranged Love Marriage

Books by Hemasri

The story revolves around the female lead's following questions: 
 "Does he love me, or have I misunderstood that he is in love with me?" 
 "By unnecessarily misunderstanding him to be in love with me, I am suspecting myself to be in love with him. Am I... in love with him? Is it me who is attracted to him? It seems like he is least bothered about my existence on earth. Doesn't it? What exactly is happening with me?"

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The Potrait - 1986 (Part 2)

By Hemasri in Romance | Reads: 1,119 | Likes: 3

Chapter 4. Vasavi   My father whispers back in shock, "That's your daughter?"    She is Ram Murthy Sir's daughter! Oh, God! Bless us! But, I can predict the consequences. I can see my dad already bending down to his knees. "I'm so sorry, Sir! I know it's a shame and harm to your famil  Read More...

Published on Oct 13,2022 12:07 PM

The Potrait - 1986 (Part 1)

By Hemasri in Romance | Reads: 1,482 | Likes: 2

The Portrait -  1986 Chapter 1: Love At First Sight   Vishnu POV  Her eyes are closed, but her smile has the key to open my heart! Why is my heart beating so hard? That I can't afford to stop my gaze towards her! She isn't as beautiful as my mother, but is no less than an Angel!    Read More...

Published on Oct 13,2022 12:02 PM

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