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Avika Agarwal

An 11 Year Old Author, Public Speaker, Gymnast, and Singer
An 11 Year Old Author, Public Speaker, Gymnast, and Singer

Avika Agarwal is a budding author. She is an 11-year-old girl who writes fun-filled and enchanting books. Her books are mainly based on magic. Her books are made up of her own adventures but a little twisted. She has also traveled to Missouri, U.S.A, and Ontario, Canada and usually her main character lives nearby these places.Read More...


The Secret Spy

Books by Avika Agarwal

Kara was a normal girl living a normal life when she suddenly got powers. She kept quiet about them and only told her best friend. Soon, they had to move because her father was facing financial issues. While exploring her grandmother's house, she stumbled upon the elevator. She saw a different button and let's just say that the push of that button changed her life completely.  Her teacher reappeared from a fire, she found her dead mother, her

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The Magic Lock

Books by Avika Agarwal

Asha and Ashley were starting a whole new school year when things took a turn and they got to know that their teacher had a dark history. After that, things were never the same. They had to keep on digging deeper and while doing that, life put a brake on them. They got to know that magic was real, found bags with magical things inside them, fought evil wizards, met bad dragons, and who knows what adventures they faced. Oh wait, you would know if yo

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Fun Facts: Uttar Pradesh!

By Avika Agarwal in Indian History | Reads: 523 | Likes: 2

If you are an Indian, then no doubt, you will know about Uttar Pradesh! But today, we are going to be learning even more with the help of, Avika, a curious girl. Avika had been settled in the U.S.A for a long time and when she came to India, like everyone else, she was also fascinated by this count  Read More...

Published on Jun 22,2022 01:28 PM

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