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The Secret Spy Read if you dare...

Author Name: Avika Agarwal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Kara was a normal girl living a normal life when she suddenly got powers. She kept quiet about them and only told her best friend. Soon, they had to move because her father was facing financial issues. While exploring her grandmother's house, she stumbled upon the elevator. She saw a different button and let's just say that the push of that button changed her life completely.  Her teacher reappeared from a fire, she found her dead mother, her friend turned out to be her enemy, and who knows what she faced as an 8th grader? I think you will find out once you read the book!

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Avika Agarwal

Avika Agarwal is a 10-year-old author who has traveled to U.S.A and Canada. Though she is young, she has written her books based on her wild and crazy imagination. She has spent almost 8 months writing this book. She has had many flabbergasting and fun-filled adventures. Slightly changing her adventures, she has written this enchanted book.