Name : Vijay Swaroop Jain Fathers Name : Shri Har Prasad Jain Residence : "Saubhagya "                      118, Manas Nagar , Shahganj, Agra-282010 (Uttar Pradesh)                        Bharat (INDIA) The Author is retired Manager from State Bank Of IniaRead More...


My Memories with Life

Books by Vijay Swaroop Jain

This book is of a high order depicting the memories of various fields, which include about 39 years of service with State Bank of India, travels to different regions of India, family relationships and intimate moments with my late wife Smt. Sushma Jain. It is worth reading. Please do send your feedback/suggestions/complaints after reading so that they can be included in future issues.

From this book:

“------ There was a robbery in our hou

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भूली विसरी स्मृतियॉ एवम सुषमा कथा !

Books by विजय स्वरूप जैन

यह पुस्तक विभिन्न क्षेत्रों की स्मृतियां ,जिसमें भारतीय स्टेट बैंक के साथ लगभग 39 वर्ष का सेवाकाल ,भारत के विभिन्न क्षेत्रों की यात्राएं,पारिवारिक रिश्ते और आत्मीयता के साथ म

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Real Honeymoon !

By VIJAY SWAROOP JAIN in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 2,057 | Likes: 0

"Listen," said Guddi, wiping her hand from the sari.  "Speak" Her husband Ramu stared at her.  "Today is the 10th. Come straight home with your salary in the evening. Don't sit on the fringes of gambling with Kalua, in the pursuit of doubling money. Last month, you had lost half salary. &n  Read More...

Published on Jul 9,2022 02:06 PM

वास्तविक सुहागरात !

By VIJAY SWAROOP JAIN in Women's Fiction | Reads: 7,961 | Likes: 0

 "सुनो" गुड्डी ने साड़ी से हाथ पोछते हुए कहा I  "हूं " उसके पति रामू ने उसकी और घूरा I  "आज 10 तारीख है I शाम को तनखा लेकर   Read More...

Published on Jul 8,2022 09:38 PM

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