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Drowned in Delusions

Books by Shubhajit Das

"Dip into the world of 'DROWNED IN DELUSIONS,' where 12 gifted authors weave tales through 29 poems and 1 prose piece. From poignant verses to captivating stories, this anthology offers a brief escape into emotions and fantasies. With each page, discover a new facet of expression and let the words linger in your thoughts. 'DROWNED IN DELUSIONS' is not just a book; it's an immersive experience, inviting you to savor the

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The Blooming Heart

Books by Shubhajit Das

'The Author's Club' is an initiative by Shubhajit Das which aims to connect young and aspiring writers from all over India. Together for developing skills, sharing and discussing ideas and boosting knowledge, this fellowship is working on quite well. 

'The Blooming Heart' anthology is a compilation of more than 45 poetries by 11 writers of 'The Author's Club'. The language medium for all poems/proses is english and there is no boun

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Books by Shubhajit B. Das

5 STEPS TO CHANGE YOURSELF is the debut book of the author Shubhajit Das. This book revolves around the concepts of self development , self help & personality development. This book contains five chapters, among which two are for self development and rest three chapters are about influencing skills & communication skills. Following these principles in your life can surely add new values to your life and you can see a positive change within yourse

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By Shubhajit Das in Horror | Reads: 4,402 | Likes: 23

 This is a tale from 2012. When I was just seven. I never believed in ghosts or spirits but then an incident occurred which changed my views about paranormal activities & left a haunting memory for the rest of my life.     On an evening of November 2012, I was watching T.V w  Read More...

Published on Jun 25,2022 02:04 PM

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