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Haya Moloo


My name is Haya Moloo and I am 13 years old. My hobbies include the love for reading as well as writing books, acting and art. I too believe in fantasy,magic and unicorns! So I wrote a book on them to make sure all lovers of fantasy can bring these creature to reality. I hope you enjoy reading my book the way I enjoyed writing it!Read More...


The Hunt For Mysterio

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The story is about a girl named Crystal who believes in unicorns. One
day, she finds a charm which opens a
portal to the land of unicorns. Soon she
becomes friends with all of them. Just as
Crystal is enjoying life in both,the real
and the fantasy world, she finds out that
the evil wizard known as Mysterio has
other plans for them. Read ahead to find
out how Crystal saves Fantasy Land and
her unicorn friends.....

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The Magic Fan

By Haya Moloo in Children's Literature | Reads: 690 | Likes: 1

THE MAGIC FAN  -HAYA MOLOO ''Storytelling is the most powerful way to spread ideas" -Robert Mckee This is one of my favourite stories, right from my Grandma's bag of wonderful tales. From Kings to Sea Monsters, Adventure was surely a key to the most amazing fantasies. Once upon a time, in a  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 03:48 PM

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