Jigyasha Kashyap

Underdog writer
Underdog writer


By Jigyasha Kashyap in Romance | Reads: 814 | Likes: 1

I jumped down from the top of the gate and fall in his arms. The first time someone carried me that way. I wasn't ready to get off his hands , maybe while putting me down he felt that brunt from my side, so it took a few seconds for my feet to reach the ground and also to realise it's not a dream, w  Read More...

Published on Oct 21,2022 11:43 AM

The Bleeding Rose

By Jigyasha Kashyap in Romance | Reads: 3,521 | Likes: 21

I first saw him in my new school's corridor. A thin , easy-on-the-eyes, fair boy of early teenage. His hair looked good, ( that's why later whenever he used to cut his hair short , it somewhat bothered me ). I was new to that school, my life feels so miserable whenever it comes to changes . Between   Read More...

Published on Oct 11,2022 11:43 PM

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