surender Patrick

I graduated from Arts and did postgraduation in Commerce. I had a government job for which i worked for 14 years. I always wanted to do something for society so started an NGO and did projects for downtrodden people and remote villages. Meanwhile i pursued my hobby of writing books and wrote 8 books. These books I wrote for the upliftment of society and many ills that are in the society for which these books were received with much appreciation and positivity. I am recognized by many as a straightforward, outspoken, strong-willed intellectual person. God has truly blessed me with such talents Read More...


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कुरान का सच

Books by सुरेन्द्र पैट्रिक

इन्सान बनने के लिए इंसानियत को सीखना होगा । विचारों की चाहत, जन जाग्रति लोकतंत्र का एक रूप है।किसी की जिन्दगी में , व्यवस्था में हस्तक्षेप करना नहीं, कुछ पाने की कामना नहीं है। हो

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