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Sanjib Sinha has written six books for Apress. He also puslishes at Leanpub, Amazon and Educative.Read More...


My Secrets

Books by Sanjib Sinha

Meet Rahela and Ruhi, twin sisters. Once class toppers, classical dancers, having a happy-go-lucky life till their mother dies and father marries again.

The step-mom, a whore herself, sells the teenagers to a pimp and they have to adopt a new lifestyle and become society girls with high price tags.

Meet Jackie Sen, a pervert industrialist. He hires twin sisters for a night without knowing that everything is being recorded to blackmail him and t

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By Sanjib Sinha in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,185 | Likes: 1

SANJIB SINHA 25th September, 2019 “Great”, the product manager, a dumpy middle-aged man, directed his gaze towards her breasts and smiled, “Your algorithm has made searching much easier than before. How did you manage to write it, we always wonder. It’s amazing, Kolli.&rdquo  Read More...

Published on Jul 8,2022 06:52 PM

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