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Ajay Kr Bhootra

West Bengal, India

Ajay Kr Bhootra is a Kolkata native who firmly believes in passion and enthusiasm. He is Executive Director at Himalaya Optical, and is also an optometrist. He started writing literary works in 1997. His first book was published in 2002. Since then, he dreamt of writing a romantic love story but put the dreams on hold to focus on his career and his core specialization. Finally, in 2016, he plucked up the courage to put pen to paper with his first novel, Yet We Marry. He has also written A Business Book titled Race for Space and eight other books. 


Sunny and Swarika are introduced to each other by their parents – and they embark on the important journey of their life as husband and wife. However, the pressures of handling a family and satisfying the expectations of every relative begin to strain the young couple's relationship. Swarika develops a strong dislike towards Sunny’s family, and Sunny in turn is pulled apart on all sides. The problems escalate and the couple are forced to live apart to retain their sanity. What happens to their married life thereafter? Will they manage to overcome their problems and live together as a happy family? What had happened that had pushed them apart? Will their families ever understand how their unrealistic expectations are breaking the couple's marriage apart? ...

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Do you feel stuck while dealing with your customers? Are you using the right tools and techniques for sales? Is your effort good enough to bring adequate rewards for you? In Race for Space coach Ajay Kr Bhootra talks straight about why you slip and lose control over your customers and how to get back in the driver’s seat. How can you release the brakes and keep your first step when you approach your customer? What master plan you can devise to achieve great success in sales? Who all influence the decision making while making a purchase? How can you find a place in your customer’s mind and heart? How can your own experience add to your own skills? Your attitude is the key, but only if you are passionate about it. If you are a performer and if you want to improve, this book is for you. ...

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