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Dr. Subramonian

Dr. Subramonian, born in Kollam, Kerala, is an Academician, Researcher, Cartoonist, Photographer, Film Producer, Director, Guinness World Record Holder and Writer in Malayalam and English. He has written many Dramas, Novels, Autobiographies and Poems. He has been in the literary field for more than 37years. He is the author of the book ‘Daniel Radcliffe…’, the book with the longest title in the world.

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Books by Dr.Subramonian

Black magic rules and plays in the life of four youngsters who were saved by Shiv Baba a Siddha. 

Shiv Baba, a Siddha who has done penance in the Agasthyakoodam forest gave a box with a manuscript written in blood in a silk fabric inside it,  which carried some important message for the future and gave it to his disciple Kottarathil Sankaran. He asks him to keep the box safe, unopened and confidential. Sreeksha, an actress meets Rajendra Varma, a Zami

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Secret of Shiva Linga

Books by Dr. Subramonian

Raju and Raji were blessed with a beautiful child, Rajitha but she was born with a disease which is unknown to the medical field. Raju borrowed money and spent it on treatment which they could not repay and they decided to commit suicide. They mixed Cyanide in an Elixir and drank it. But as that Elixir was given by a Siddha, it did not kill them instead it slowly started healing their daughter. So, Raju started his journey in search of that Siddha.


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The Golden Trident

Books by Dr. Subramonian

Vignesh, who is an outstanding student during his college days, gets a job as a Project Engineer in a popular windmill company with a high salary. On the first day of his joining, GM Suresh assigns his HR Manager, Dileep, to show him the worksite. During their visit, Vignesh notices a trident fixed under a neem tree. When he asks about it to Dileep, he comes to know that the particular place is considered sacred among the workers. Vignesh, being an atheist, ma

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Buddha's Lamp

Books by Dr. Subramonian

Mohan, a business magnate, travels to Ladakh from Thiruvananthapuram to meet Tu-Shun, a Buddhist monk with Raju, his secretary. Mohan wanted to meet Tu-Shun so he can talk to the spirit of his friend Rajesh, the only person who knows about his son, born in an illicit relationship. On their way, they pass through the mystic ‘Shikara’ hills, which are ill famous as the dwelling place of evil black forces. Aghori is the cremator in charge of the local graveya

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The Train Goes On

Books by Dr. Subramonian

In the journey of life, many get down and many get in, but the train of life goes on. Not the driver but the guard—I mean God—decides who’ll get down and who’ll get in, when and where. 

Rajeev, George and Narayanan, three jail mates, take a vow that they will never come back to jail in their life. Narayanan—elderly, sympathetic and kind—who loves his granddaughter Lallu more than his life, was thrown out of the house by his son Gopal and da

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