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Harish Chandra Rajpoot

Harish Chandra Rajpoot is B.Tech. graduate of mechanical engg. from Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur (U.P.) He did his high school from D.A.V. I.C. Mahoba (U.P.) & Intermediate from Oxford Model I.C. Kanpur (U.P.) He wrote his first book "Advanced Geometry" on his interesting subject 'Geometry' Published Papers of the author by International Journals of Mathematics “HCR’s Rank or Series Formula” IJMPSR March-April, 2014 “HCR’s Series (Divergence)” IOSR March-April, 2014 “HCR’s Infinite-series (Convergence)” IJMPSR Oct, 2014 “HCR’s Theory of Polygon” IJMPSR Oct, 2014

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