Jiban K Mukhopadhayay

For Jiban, ‘economics is not just his profession, it is his life…,’ (- Tata Review). He is a serious student of economics. Educated mostly in Calcutta University, he joined the Economics Think Tank of the Tata Group. He joined the Think Tank as a young economist and eventually headed the organization. He worked diligently during the years of economic reform and restructuring, global competitiveness of both business and the economy. He edited the Tata’s popular pocket book of statistics.

After his retirement, he joined SPJIMR, a reputed management school in Mumbai on invitation where he taught International Business, Global Competitiveness and directed corporate governance research. Presently, he is involved with a business school in Indore.

Jiban has published a large number of papers, articles, pamphlets, booklets on Economics and related subjects, but writing a book like the present one is his first.He was a frequent guest expert in print and electronic media. He has a large following of students. He reads all types of books, enjoys music and loves nature. And he silently helps people.

He was born a few years before the partition in a village in Bikrampur of undivided India. His family moved to West Bengal around the time of the partition. He had a difficult childhood, but after getting admission to a reputed educational institute, he was able to manage his studies and marched on.

He lives in Mumbai with his wife Tapati. They have one son, Somshuvra, who lives and works in the United States.


Rising From the Ashes of Bengal's Partition

Books by Jiban Mukhopadhyay

Usually books on partition are sob stories, but not this one. ‘Rising from the Ashes of Bengal’s Partition’ is an untold story of the journey of a child born around the time of partition, who battled many hurdles and aspired to lead a new life - like a Phoenix.

This is a story of his - and his generation’s - unflinching determination to move ahead. This is the story of the real people who did not curse their fate and sit idle shedding tears. It

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