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Author Name: Jiban Mukhopadhyay | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Is it possible for a boy to make friends with an old mango tree?

Oh! Yes, it is possible! Read this book.

You will be thrilled to find Amal, who is in his early teens, become the close friend of an old mango tree called Major. They live in the same campus. They interact mentally. 

This blue-sky story explores the vast world of living plants and trees and their defining characteristics, similar to those of us. It is not just the product of imagination; it is based on scientific research, the latest technological innovations, authenticated facts, and so on. The book discusses the contribution of 'extra' ordinary simple folks and also, it lucidly discusses the supreme importance given to trees in all major religions. 

The story ends with a message that trees can live jolly well without us, but we cannot live without trees. Therefore, we should not neglect, ignore, or harm them — we must take care of them and love them as our fellow beings. Even otherwise, trees are beautiful -- we should love and befriend them. This will give us relaxation and peace of mind.

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Jiban Mukhopadhyay

Jiban is a diligent student of economics. For him, economics is like a live ball of wool -- you touch one point, you touch all! 

Jiban wore multiple hats; he was the Chief Economic Adviser of Tata Group; he was also designated Chief WTO Officer of Tata Group as well as Chief Editor of the famous pocketbook of statistics published by Tatas, Statistical Outline of India.  

After working diligently for almost three decades, day after his retirement from Tata Group, Jiban joined the highly rated management school in the country, S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. He taught international economics/business, business environment, macroeconomics, corporate governance, ethics, and business, etc. Jiban has over 250 publications in economics and related areas. He was a sought-after expert on TV channels, print and electronic media.  

Jiban’s autobiographical book, Rising from the Ashes of Bengal's Partition, 2019, was published by Notion Press. This was followed by his second book, an anthology of 12 poems on global pandemic-related themes, Shed Tears, My Soul, Shed Tears, 2021, Notion Press. Both books have been highly admired by readers. 

A Mango Tree is My Friend is his third book. As the name suggests, it is an imaginative story of a boy's friendship with an old mango tree, and through this story, the book explores the vast world of plants and trees and their defining characteristics, which are similar to those of humans.



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