Joaozinho Da S. F. A. Martins

Joaozinho Da S. F. A. Martins, BSc, MSW, M.Phil. (PSW), is a budding Christian Author, devoted to proclaiming the Biblical Gospel of Universal Reconciliation and Salvation, through the medium of the Written Word. He has authored two Evangelical Books: Biblical Creation Truth (2012), and Pre-Historic, Pre-Adamic Theology (2016, now out of print), published by Xulon Publishers, USA; and, also, he has co-authored: “False Prophets and Their Blind Followers” (2013), published by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., USA. He is the Founder Member of “Divine Life: Spiritual Family CommuniRead More...


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Pre-Historical Pre-Adamic Biblical Theology

Books by Joaozinho Da S. F. A. Martins

Ignored Biblical Hebrew Record relating to the Pre-Historical Past conclusively invalidates all conventional and current theories of creation such as Traditional Six-day Young Earth Creationism, Progressive Creationism, Theistic Evolution and Creation Science. Pre-Historical Pre-Adamic Biblical Theology dares to look back in time
through the eyes of the OT/NT Prophets and Teachers and validate overlooked pre-historical realities. Subsequently, it seeks to c

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