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Pre-Historical Pre-Adamic Biblical Theology

Author Name: Joaozinho Da S. F. A. Martins | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Ignored Biblical Hebrew Record relating to the Pre-Historical Past conclusively invalidates all conventional and current theories of creation such as Traditional Six-day Young Earth Creationism, Progressive Creationism, Theistic Evolution and Creation Science. Pre-Historical Pre-Adamic Biblical Theology dares to look back in time
through the eyes of the OT/NT Prophets and Teachers and validate overlooked pre-historical realities. Subsequently, it seeks to convincingly figure out the future by attempting to understand pre-historical past realities.

Traditional and current views relating to Creation and Origins lack convincing Biblical credibility. Scriptures relating to prehistoric creation, however, advocate Pre-Historical Pre-Adamic realities, that can’t be ignored; hence, the same need to be convincingly accepted as biblical truth a propos God’s pre-historical works of creation; notwithstanding, faulty interpretations of Scriptures relating to Creation.

This maiden Treatise, should pose a definite challenge to predisposed Creationists to disprove its assertions. Unbiased readers of this Treatise, who take their time to study and ascertain the truthfulness of what is presented herein will, hopefully, believe
convincingly. Nonetheless, those who are biased will perhaps continue to hang on to traditional sacrosanct beliefs no matter how gravely the same diverge from the pattern of Biblical-Hebrew Words relating to Creation and Origins!

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Joaozinho Da S. F. A. Martins

Joaozinho Da S. F. A. Martins, BSc, MSW, M.Phil. (PSW), is a budding Christian Author, devoted to proclaiming the Biblical Gospel of Universal Reconciliation and Salvation, through the medium of the Written Word. He has authored two Evangelical Books: Biblical Creation Truth (2012), and Pre-Historic, Pre-Adamic Theology (2016, now out of print), published by Xulon Publishers, USA; and, also, he has co-authored: “False Prophets and Their Blind Followers” (2013), published by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., USA. He is the Founder Member of “Divine Life: Spiritual Family Communion -- Biblical Christians’ eFellowship International”. He passionately believes that “There is no profession more honorable than faithfully ‘proving all things (doctrines)’’, ‘holding fast that which is good’, as affirmed by Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:21.






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