Kapil Arora

IRONMAN Athlete, Keynote Speaker and Author
IRONMAN Athlete, Keynote Speaker and Author

IRONMAN Kapil Arora is Gold Medal Winner at TATA Mumbai Marathon 2023, a fitness expert, a bestselling author and a successful corporate professional. He also holds Indian Records and his Name features in the Limca Book of Records for maximum lunges in one hour. An MBA from Pune University, he is among the very few Indians who earned the title of ‘IRONMAN’ in New Zealand, where he completed the triathlon that included 3.8 kilometres of swimming, 180 kilometres of biking and 42.2 kilometres of running. Being an endurance athlete, he has also completed four consecutive 90-kilometre internatRead More...


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૨১.১ ચાલતી ભૂલો

Books by કપીલ અરોરા

ઈજા-મુક્ત, મજબૂત અને ઝડપી દોડવા પાછળનું વિજ્ઞાન શોધો

શરૂઆતમાં, હું માનતો હતો કે લોકોના માત્ર બે વર્ગો છે - દોડવીરો અને બિન-દોડનાર.

પછી, હું ત્રીજા એક તરફ આવ્યો.

આ તે દોડવીરો

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२१.१ धावण्याच्या चूका

Books by कपिल अरोरा

आयर्न मॅन कपिल अरोरा हे लिम्का बुक नॅशनल रेकॉर्ड धारक आहेत. ते किसना डायमंड येथील कॉर्पोरेटचे सीईओ आणि चार पुस्तकांचे बेस्टसेलिंग लेखक आहेत.पुणे विद्यापीठातून एम.बी.ए. केलेले,

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21.1 Running Mistakes

Books by Kapil Arora

Discover the Science Behind Running Injury-free, Stronger and Faster

At first, I used to believe that there are only two categories of people—runners and non-runners. Then, I came across the third one.

These are those runners who started running and then stopped because they incurred an injury or they found it too demanding.

This book is about all three categories of people—runners, non-runners and those who started running but never c

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