Kelath Srihari

Kelath Srihari is a person who believes that relationships are everything in life. He is neither an ace entrepreneur nor a successful banker/IT professional and definitely not a bestselling author. He is just an ordinary guy who happens to have an extraordinary story to tell. When he is not busy entertaining kids, playing with dogs, shaping his mane, wiping his Yamaha RX 100 clean or discussing soap operas with homemakers, he can be found writing.


Books by Kelath Srihari

Farrago - A confusing mixture of many things.

Now isn’t life so nowadays?

We are all spoilt by choices and hence live life in more or less one constant state of mind – Confusion.


Farrago is a story about how an ordinary guy who finds happiness in the small things in life, traverses through it in the 21st century.

Life glides Adi from Germany to India, to tease him with pretences, then kicks his butt to Afghanistan to make him see the other side of life eventually helping him find his true calling back in India, to become that kind of person, which every young Indian aspires to become at some point in his/her life, yet eludes him of the one thing which he wants the most.

Was everything predestined or was it him who made his own destiny?

Will Lady Luck court him?

Will he finally get what he desperately wants?

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