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L. N. Singh

Mr. L N SINGH, is a renowned trade union leader of his bank. His clear and far sighted thoughts as stand mile- stones through continuously new presentations. Use of calculators in banking, convening of discussion about banking, convening of first family meet in bank, delightful presentation on Cash credit limit, coaching to bank employees for promotion exams etc. So many constructive works have given him a different identity. His sharp & practical brain has established him as a teacher, as a professional consultant, as a splendid speaker and a great writer. His invincible courage and bold correspondence, has astonished not only the top management and top trade union leaders but the oppressed, penalized and unassisted employees who also keep deep faith in him as the trustworthy helper in exigency. Mr. L. N. Singh has been awarded as the best actor, chess champion, district level painter (Yuvakalakarsamiti) in his college. He is also well known as an experienced writer, an Enquiry officer, Presenting officer and Defense counsel in many cases…

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