Mahendra Batham

Mahendra Batham resides in Bhopal, the city of lakes. He is an avid reader of philosophy. A Confused Love Story is his first novel which is his hardwork of two years.  You can write to him through Facebook - More...


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जिहाद इन दा नेम ऑफ लव

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सौम्‍या अभी जिंदगी के उस खुशनुमा दौर से गुज़र रही है जब दिल दिमाग पर हावी हो जाता है। सौम्‍या पुनीत नाम के एक लड़के से प्‍यार करती थी। उसने अपने पहले प्‍यार के साथ जिंदगी गुज़ारन

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A Confused Love Story

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This story revolves around Mahendra’s career and love life. Mahendra has a close friend whose name is Vishvas . Vishvas loves his books, but Mahendra loves a girl. Vishvas the goal of his life is to know what he has to become, but Mahendra has no goal in his life. Vishvas succeed in his career as well as due to a misunderstanding he gets married to that girl which Mahendra loves.

But after a few years luck offers another chance to Mahendra to get his

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