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Prasanthi Pothina

Convent educated Prasanthi Pothina always had a passion for the English language since childhood. Being a homemaker with two boys of her own and also assisting in her husband’s graphic studio, her passion for writing found fruition when she published her first book, a compilation of 15 short stories. Encouraged by her mother, who always prodded her towards achieving her dreams, she has now ventured into writing her first full length novel, “A Cup of Tea with Valmiki”. She now treads a path onto greener pastures. Prasanthi Pothina is a resident of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Read More...


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69 Days of love

Books by Prasanthi Pothina

"Feelings are much like waves, we cant stop them from coming, but we can choose which one to surf." Can love be found in silence? and can words bring an estranged couple back together or defy a marriage rule?! 

Aha, when these thoughts crossedmy mind, i thought why not pen a story and find the answers. when you look up bat the sparkling night, one star always shines brighter than the rest, that reminds you of someone special. That sp

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Books by Prasanthi Pothina

Krishnakavya is an amazing tale of love that chords a nerve with every verse! It's beautiful, real, and romantic!

Falling in love is something special, being in love is a gift, experiencing it in silence and every breath taken is for the other, and knowing you're in thoughts though miles apart. Well, that's a bond forever, when one's eyes are ready and misses it's partner, the raindrop reminds the other and feels the pain miles away, that love can neve

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A Cup of Tea With Valmiki

Books by Prasanthi Pothina

Ratnakar is your average family man, with goals and aspirations that he hopes to achieve. He lives with the perception that life must go a certain way. One day, he fights with his wife and leaves the house in a huff. He decides to drive down to his farmhouse. Enough time passes, and his wife doesn’t call him. Ratnakar is furious that she’s done nothing to pacify him.

Out of nowhere, a transition to an ancient era takes him back to Valmiki’s time. S

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