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Memories Travel-worth a revisit

Author Name: Prasanthi Pothina | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

There are so many things a memory holds...

The sound of breathing

The scent of wind

The warm sun

The splash of rain

The click of a photograph

A simple touch 

Name called out 


The warmth of an incident that stayed to be visited with a tear of emotion.

Whatever it holds, a memory is precious.

It may have been colourful or filled with greys...!

It shares the depth that the person who was present in the past, glancing at a future, wishing to make more!


A book by Prasanthi Pothina

Paperback 170

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Prasanthi Pothina

Prasanthi Pothina is a homemaker from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Popularly known as Vizag city. She is happily married and has two grown up sons. She is a degree holder and loves to pen short stories or poems during her free time. A collection of such, Titled MEMORIES is her latest release. Prasanthi already has four books to her name, she likes to write Auto fiction, realistic stories would be more appropriate. Her passion for reading and writing keeps her in a jubliant mood, besides cooking, chatting and knitting. Stories that have deep emotional bondage is her way of connecting to the society. 



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