Prayas Rokde

Prayas Rokde is a young wordsmith and lyricist whose inaugural poetry compilation, "Mamuli Khayal," showcases his versatile talent. In addition to his prowess in poetry, he actively engages in various forms of writing, including storytelling and screenwriting. As a musician,composer and a singer, he has unveiled six melodious compositions. Prayas's work is marked by its accessibility, bridging complex ideas with simplicity. His philosophical outlook delves into diverse subjects, spanning Quantum Physics, Colonial dialogues, Psychology, Indian philosophy, Indic Revival, and World History. This Read More...


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मामूली ख़याल

Books by प्रयास रोकड़े ‘नभ’

"ग़र ज़माने के समंदर में हो डूबना, 
तो बिखरे पड़े हैं कई शोर यहां-वहाँ।
जिन्हें ख़ुद में हो डूबना उनकी ख़ातिर, 
नदियों की लहरों का कलकल हो जाएँ।

बेहद मामूली से लगते कुछ ख़याल

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