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Probir Kumar Maitra as the Head of the Public Relations departments of the Southern and South Eastern zones of Indian Railways, came across people of varied profile. At the same time, for his extensive tour in India as well as foreign countries, he was bestowed with the opportunities of gaining profound knowledge on chequered subjects. Before joining the Railways, he had served in the Banking sector and at couple of State and Central Government Ministries and Directorates. Apart from travel, Maitra takes a keen interest in studying the occult aspects that are prevalent in nature, human beingsRead More...

I saw Lord Shiva on the way to the Mount KAILAS

Books by Probir Kumar Maitra

In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Shiva, the God of destruction and the third of the Trinity, dwells on Mount Kailas. It is the main peak of the Gangdise Mountains of Tibet. This particular miraculous region never ceases to mystify. Saints of prominence, eminent scholars, zealous tourists, enthusiasts of nature and purposeful administrators have all visited the place since times immemorial. Many have written volumes, narrating as well as recording t

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