Rashmi Gupta

Theatre artist, actor, writer and poet
Theatre artist, actor, writer and poet

It all began with writing for herself, but her poetry soon embraced the emotions of the people around her.

Kuchh Tere Dil Ki, Kuchh Mere Dil Ki is Rashmi Gupta’s first book.

A two-year-old theatre artist, an actor and a writer, Rashmi Gupta began writing poetry at the age of 13. Being an ardent lover of art and craft since her childhood, she always had a strong inclination towards TV, cinema, theatre, music, dance, stories and poetry. The beauty and mystery of nature and the universe fascinate her tremendously.


कुछ तेरे दिल की, कुछ मेरे दिल की

Books by रश्मि गुप्ता

'कुछ तेरे दिल की, कुछ मेरे दिल की', कुछ तुम्हारे बारे में और कुछ शायर के बारे में है।

यह इंसान, कलाकार, वक़्त और जज़्बात के बारे में है; तुम्हारी और शायर की ज़िंदगी के बारे में है।

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