Santhosh K. Komaraju

Story writer & Author of Award-winning book Walks Through Life : Stories
Story writer & Author of Award-winning book Walks Through Life : Stories

Santhosh Komaraju is a story writer and author of an award-winning book. His debut book Walks Through Life: Stories has won the National Indie Excellence Award and Reader’s Favorite Honorable Mention Award. His short fiction was published in Twist and Twain, an online literary magazine. He is greatly influenced by the teachings spread across ancient Hindu scriptures and that is his inspiration behind all his writings.

If he is not writing, he delves his head into the world of art by stroking with the paintbrush or electronic stylus. One day, he wants to open up his own Universe where spiritual Gurus, mythical warriors, and supernatural villains collide with each other bringing out stories that can be told for lifetime.

You can sign up on his website at santhoshkomaraju.com to receive email about his new writings. 


Walks Through Life

Books by Santhosh K. Komaraju

National Indie Excellence Award in the Short Story category.
Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention Award in the Short story/Novella category

Find that majestic mango, your problem will be solved--a mystic ordered an individual who asked for help.
My ax is my guru--declared a woodcutter.
Instead of preparing a plan to kill it, why can't we offer help? --a villager questioned in the middle of the assembly.
I could not be relieved even after unde

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