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Addhiraa Shah

Addhiraa Shah was born on 19th January 1987; she is a Jat from Haryana, India who was born in a family where everyone belonged to the Indian Army, serving the nation. She completed her schooling from Happy Child School, Haryana. She has done an MBA from Netaji Institute of Management in Delhi.

She is a member of the prestigious Screenplay Writers Association of Mumbai, India.

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Books by अधीरा शाह

कहते हैं इंसान की पहचान उसके नाम से, उसके काम से होती है, पर मेरी, मेरी पहचान कपड़ों से, मेरी बातचीत करने के ढंग से हुई। इसीलिए तो लोगों ने नाम ना पूछ कर, यूं ही अंदाजा लगा लिया और मुझ

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Ek Aur Tapasya

Books by Addhiraa Shah

There are people who are born nice and sober,

But I am not one of those.

It is a dreaded dark night,

I’m sitting outside my house.

Oh sorry! It’s not my house, no, no, not at all.

We, I mean we women, are caretakers.

Not watchdogs, we are just housekeepers.

TAPASYA too is a woman like many of us

Who took full care of the house, every dweller of the house.

Even then, today she is thrown out of h

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