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Dr. Amar Aggarwal

The author was actively engaged in the business related to pharmaceutical right from dispensing medicines to retailing, wholesaling and manufacturing of drugs. However, being an astrologer was the author’s destiny, and his planets gave a 360-degree turn to the career. After studying astrology in 1998, he started teaching astrology. In the year 2001, he joined an internationally known astrological body AIFAS (All India Federation of Astrologer's Society) and later on elevated to the post of Governor (AIFAS) for Haryana and Chandigarh. He wrote about fifty research articles in a prestigious magazine. Author strongly believes that Rahu is not bad in most of the cases. His thoughts are unorthodox and unique. Lal-Kitab is a wonderful book, as it reforms the native spiritually. 


लाल किताब

Books by डॉ. अमर अगरवाल

“लाल किताब ग्रहफल विचार” संशोधित सन्सकरण पूरा करते-करते एक बात दिमाग में बैठ गई कि पिछले आठ साल में इस ग्रन्थ में जो समझने की कोशिश करता रहा वो दरअसल इसमें है ही नहीं ! पाँच कित

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Lal Kitab

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The base of Lal-Kitab astrology is Astro-Palmistry. Maximum emphasis is laid on lines and mounts on the palm, shape of hand, etc. For the convenience of readers, I have provided “Dhoke-ka-greh” as ready reckoner plus “Ghar-ka-Greh” and “Greh-ka-Ghar” in an easy way to understand.

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Laal Kitaab

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The book “Laal-kitab Grehfal Vichar” is in fact a tribute to Yugpurush Pandit Roop Chand Joshi, who wrote the original book in Urdu and Farsi language. But the passage of time Urdu started diminishing and there was dearth of people who were well versed or unknown to Urdu language hence it was very difficult for them to learn the subject “Lal-kitab” though they are keenly interested but the language part made it difficult. Perhaps this is the only book

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