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Trishaa Tharani and Amruta Uday Karlekar

Trishaa Tharani For Trishaa, being successful means being a kind, genuine, good-hearted, and open-minded person. That's how she is! After completing her education, she moved to Dubai and had a successful corporate career before moving back to India post marriage. She chose to devote her time to her family and become a full-time, hands-on mom and an efficient homemaker! For her, being a mother is not just a full-time job, but also a rewarding experience in itself. She believes that the joy of birthing and bringing up a child is a unique gift from the Almighty to all women. Trishaa is fond ofRead More...

From the Other Side

Books by Trishaa Tharani, Amruta Uday Karlekar

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings; the love of a parent towards a child; the love between soulmates; the love and trust between friends. Love comes in all forms.

Lucky are those who experience this beautiful feeling in their lifetime. Even luckier are those who experience it daily – showered on them from the beyond. Life never is or will be fair, but having someone whom you can love makes it beautiful and worth living.

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